Chaney root 1/4 bags 
is high in iron. It is also good at cleansing and strengthening the blood. People suffering from anaemia and low blood count would benefit from drinking this herb.
sarsaparilla has good detoxing and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it contains vitamins A, B complex, C and D, along with the minerals iron, manganese, sodium, silicon, sulphur, copper, zinc and iodine.
Zinc has testosterogenic properties, which makes it useful for impotence. It also increases the production of testosterone, which helps in building and maintaining sexual desire in both men and women. Zinc also helps to boost the circulation of blood around the body.The B complex present in sarsaparilla also aids in energy productionif you really want to increase your stamina and virility, make sure you eat properly, exercise, get enough rest and manage your stress levels

Chaney roots


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